Behind the Bar: Karl

Ah, Karl. I think I can safely say that this guy is a staff favorite, and the customers seem to like him too. We really enjoy his dry sense of humor, and during a wine tasting you can tell he truly cares about helping you find a wine you love.

Karl has an aura of love and joy around him at all times.

Karl has an aura of love and joy around him at all times.

Karl is married to a lovely lady named Patricia who you may have seen hostessing at one of our weekend events (ask her for stories!). Together they have two “sometimes” adult children and five beautiful granddaughters. Although he enjoys gardening (read: mowing the lawn. Patty does the real gardening), reading, and sports, his favorite pastime is spending quality time with the grandkids.

A little-known fact about Karl is that he was born in Germany and speaks fluent German. He is one of the few people here than can properly pronounce Gewurztraminer. He is also a former drill instructor for the Army, as well as a “recovering attorney,” he says, “halfway through the 24 Step Program.” But I think the most surprising thing is that he has NEVER tasted honeysuckle. Do they not have honeysuckle over there in Germany? Or do they spend their childhood prancing around in their lederhosen eating bratwurst? If you’re ever planning a visit to the winery during honeysuckle season, please bring him some!

Karl is a long-time customer of Hawk Haven and always stopped in when friends were in town. He started working here in April of 2012 and we can’t imagine this place without him! He loves working behind the bar meeting new and interesting people who enjoy wine and love learning about our quality wine making practices.

His favorite wine is our 2010 Petite Verdot – part of our Signature Series Collection. “The texture and structure are elegant yet it has a clear, precise character that endures from beginning to end.” We asked what advice he would give to new wine drinkers and he gave us this:

2 Rules- 1) Drink what you like; 2) Drink it the way you enjoy it the most.
1 Principle- Always trust your palate; otherwise, you will be doomed drinking other people’s wine, not yours.

So stop by and visit our dear Karl, he’s here almost every day.

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