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The Wine Collectionary

My grandmother has 147 pigs.

Pig wine bottle holder 29208Not real pigs, of course, but all kinds of tchotchkes in their likeness scattered throughout her house. There are piggy banks, obviously. Pig hand soap dispensers, pig serving dishes, pig door stoppers. You can’t look in any single direction without seeing something pig-related. And the weird part is (wait, that wasn’t already weird?) she doesn’t even like pigs! She got one once as a gift and however many years later her house is full of them.

That’s what I think of when I think of collections, and I think most people have a collection of some sort. I like to collect uniquely-shaped wine bottles; I have cat-shaped bottles in multiple colors, a fish-shaped bottle, there’s even one shaped like a man holding a small barrel. Every time I’m in a wine shop I’m always on the lookout for oddly shaped wine bottles to add to my collection. They are not easy to find, especially once you’re purposefully seeking them out. Sure there are a few bottles with a curved neck or some pretty inlaid metal seals, but I want the really unique stuff!

Enter: The Wine Collectionary. Have you heard of it? It’s like Pinterest for wine collectors! Not only can you seek out specific items to add to your collection, you can also find out where to buy these items. For example, I found this cat-shaped wine bottle, including some information on recent pricing. For many of the items there are direct links to where you can purchase them online. And also, because I am familiar with this type of bottle (I have it in 7 colors), I was able to update the listing title, so other collectors will be able to find it

The Wine Collectionary is fairly new but there are already thousands of different wine-related items listed. They¬† have expert collectors called “moderators” that help create new Collectionaries (a combination of the words “collection” and “dictionary”), add cool items, and update listings like I did. In fact, you can be a moderator too. All you have to do is sign up, then you can add items, edit existing items, find where to buy them, and more. Plus you can put together your own collections to keep track of all your favorite items.

So check it out, and we’d love to hear about what wine-related items you’re collecting! And if you put together a “collectionary,” share it with us by commenting below, posting to our facebook, or emailing us at



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